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The SPECTRONIC User Interface

A preview of the forthcoming Spectronic User Interface for Android is available by invitation.

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SPECTRONIC introduces the SIDETOUCH control system for mobile devices that replaces both the keyboard and the touchscreen

The first technology ever, enabling full one-hand control of any smartphone, having better precison than a touch screen, without using any front-side space of the device, is now introduced.
The technology, called SIDETOUCH, utilizes the edge sides of a handheld device for user input. With finger touches on the edge sides the user is given full control of the device without obscuring the display with a finger or a stylus.

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SPECTRONIC provides full-scale operating system for mobile devices

The MTM operating system developed by SPECTRONIC is a real-time multitasking operating system for mobile devices complete with functions such as TCP/IP protocol stack, email client, web browser, wap browser and numerous other applications.
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SPECTRONIC manufactures and developes advanced Multimedia telephones for high-end applications

The Spectronic Multimedia Telephone TS2200 features both the SIDETOUCH interface and the latest MTM operating system in combination with a robust GSM telephone with built in digital color camera. The device works as a complete mobile office and functions such as mobile emaling has never been easier. The device also features an open and extensive program interface which makes it ideal for a number of industrial control applications. 
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Since 30 year SPECTRONIC has a leading position in research, development and production of radio communication and mobile telephony. The technology from the company could be seen in products from ERICSSON, SIEMENS and other big manufacturers. As the first company in the world SPECTRONIC manufactured a mobile phone with a built in computer as early as 1992.  Read more -->

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