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SPECTRONIC provides full-scale operating system for mobile devices

The MTM operating system devoped by SPECTRONIC is a real-time multitasking operating system for mobile devices complete with functions such as TCP/IP protocol stack, email client, web browser, wap browser and numerous other applications.
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The MTM operating system provides a solid foundation for any GSM/GPRS/EDGE or UMTS mobile telephone that needs a fast and responsive operating system with complete functionality for mobile emailing and mobile internet.  

In combination with the latest version of the Spectronic User Interface, the MTM operating system provides a complete and ready-to-use mobile environment that brings the most powerful mobile emailing functionalities to virtually any mobile handset.

Technical Specifications

The MTM Operating system is based on a powerful multitasking real-time kernel that brings full functionality to any mobile device without using severe amounts of memory and CPU power. The operating system is fully compatible with conventional input methods such as a keypad or a stylus, as well as with the more sophisticated Spectronic Sidetouch user control system.

The system is available with a complete set of applications and full featured filesystem. Extended functionality can easily be added via the open application programmers interface.

Applications and Modules Specifications

Spectronic User Inteface System

Addressbook Application Module
Calendar Application Module

Email Client Module
Fax Client Module
MMS Client Module

Web Browser Application
Wap Browser Application

Internet Connectivity Module

Data Modem Module

Camera Application
Sound Record Application

Calculator Application
Text Editor Application

Telephone Module
Profile Management Application
Sim Application Toolkit Module

PC Synchronizer Module

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